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Whether It is an industrial Oil & Gas facility, a city’s water pump station or waste water system, or a marine vessel on the high seas, there are several opportunities to improve processes by digitizing data using sensors and optimizing the overall system. ADAK Digital inc will evaluate data capability, prescribe sensor and controls improvements, apply cutting edge data science techniques, and leverage the capabilities of the cloud to convert data into intelligence. From there, ADAK Digital Inc knows how to effectively integrate the digital world with the physical world to turn intelligence into impact.


A city's water distribution and management system must be sound and viable in the long term to maintain its growth and should be equipped with the capacity to be monitored and networked with other critical systems to obtain more sophisticated and granular information on how they are performing and affecting each other. Additional efficiencies are gained when departments are able to share relevant, actionable information.

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

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